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OT approved Christmas ideas

OT approved Christmas ideas

It is so easy to get swept up in the hype of the festive season. There is a lot of pressure on families to spend lots of money and buy lots of gifts. Unfortunately, this can place a lot of stress on families both financially and emotionally. I have come across lots of great ideas around gift giving, so I thought I would put them all together in one place.

  1. Give experiences, not ‘things’

I love this one! Giving experiences doesn’t have to be expensive either. Our kids are much more likely to remember a positive experience like a family trip to the zoo, or camping, or going to see a concert, over a toy that will lose its novelty factor over time. Making memories is the best gift of all! Focus on quality, family time as the main theme around Christmas rather than material things.

  1. Gift swapping

Ask your child to choose a certain number of toys that they will give away to people who may not be able to afford presents. This way, you will be teaching your children generosity, gratitude, and also reducing the clutter of toys in your own home.

  1. Give toys that will encourage active play

So often our kids are sitting in front of screens, their bodies still and not engaged with the world! We need to be encouraging our kids to use their bodies – let’s get them outside, riding bikes, jumping on a trampoline, or digging in a sand pit…

  1. Educational toys can be fun too

I have seen lots of great educational toys, like science experiment kits or building kits, that will engage your child’s mind and develop higher level thinking skills. They’ll be learning and not even know it! Other ideas include wikki stix, construction toys like Lego, colouring books, or craft kits.

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