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School Holiday Ideas Part One

School Holiday Ideas Part One

Explore parks around town (or out of town!)

There are so many benefits to a good play at the park. We often spend too much time either inside on technology or in our own backyard. Nothing beats heading out to a new place where there is novel equipment, sunshine, fresh air, interaction with other children, and lots of wonderful heavy work. Maybe even some parent/carer respite with a takeaway coffee and park bench?!

Where we live, here in Albany, Eyre Park is a favourite with us, as it has a great range of equipment and a fenced area too. And the seated flying fox is pretty amazing!

Why not explore a few different parks in a day? Look up playgrounds or parks online and plan it out on a map. Or do a day trip to a neighbouring town, like Denmark, and see what their parks have to offer. You could even pack a picnic lunch and a few extras like a frisbee, soccer ball, or basketball. Lots of bigger parks have great paths for roller skating, riding bikes, or scooters.  

Did you know that the following equipment encourages use of the big muscles and joints in the body, meaning that it is great heavy work? (See my other blog post about heavy work to find out more about it's benefits!)

- Monkey bars
- Regular flying fox
- Fireman pole
- Climbing walls, frames, or ropes
- Diggers

The following equipment is great for balance and the vestibular system:

- Balance beams
- Tree stump/stepping stones
- Nest swing
- Regular swings
- Bars (hanging upside down)
- Wobble/chain bridge
- Wobble bridge
- Slide

So much fun and working on important skills! Winning!

Some more ideas for parks or playgrounds:

Perhaps you could make up an 'obstacle course' for your kids, by giving them a sequence of activities to follow around the playground. You could add in a few runs (e.g. around that tree, over to the BBQ area, etc.), some jumps, hopping, or commando crawling into the mix.

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