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Tips for managing end of year burnout

Tips for managing end of year burnout

Are your kids frazzled and their little brains fried after a huge year at school? Maybe you are feeling the same way? Read on for some simple ideas and tips to help ease the end of year blues.

Taking a mental health day

Sometimes we all just need a break from routine to sit around and do nothing. Give your child the day off school, take the day of work, and do something that you both enjoy. Go to the park, or sit around and watch movies on the couch.

Keep a consistent bedtime routine

Aim for a certain bedtime and stick to it. Keep doing the usual things you do before bed, such as a bath, a story, etc. A good night’s sleep is even more important when there is a lot going on. See my blog on sleep tips for more ideas.

Look after the basics

This may seem obvious, but sometimes the simplest self-care tasks are the ones we forget about when the end of year crazy times kick in. Keep up the water intake, eat well, and take time to play and have fun.

Aim for quality over quantity

Make an extra effort to spend quality one on one time with your little person. Try to forget about any stress and be present and in the moment. Be silly, laugh, and get those happy hormones flowing. Research shows that smaller and more focused attention is highly beneficial to children and you don't need to spend all day one on one with them to get the same benefits.

Prioritise and streamline

What are you doing that you don’t need to be doing? Or what can wait another week? What jobs can you delegate to other people? Some examples of this in our household include: Paying the neighbours son to mow the lawn, not picking up the toys from the floor every single night (what’s the point when you have a two year old in the house anyway?!), or getting take-away dinner once a week.


I hope these ideas have helped a little bit. Check out my other blogs for more helpful tips.

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