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Testimonials from happy clients

Barbara Schmidt

"As a professional in the therapy field I can highly recommend Rhianna. She is such a caring beautiful person, your kids will love her and will be in the best hands."

Barbara Schmidt

Jo Johnson

Can’t recommend Rhianna enough! She is amazing and both myself and my son adore her! Every week my son asks if we are seeing Rhianna and his face lights up when I say yes. Thanks for everything!

Polly Callanan

"One visit and we know Rhianna is the right person to help us. Her down to earth approach made my son feel relaxed almost instantly and he is looking forward to seeing Rhianna again in the coming weeks" Polly Callanan

Tammy Cox

"We have worked with Rhianna for both of our kids over the last 4 years - she has helped our whole family by teaching us to help our kids to regulate, and as they got older, self regulate. With each year they grow the extra needs they have require OT eg. sensory issues, self regulation, fine motor skills, life/independence skills. Rhianna has been there for our kids, and our family as a whole, with advice, therapy, home exercises, support in the school environment, support in school meetings, support in having our children assessed and diagnosed, and even support in those embarrassing times when it's been such a rough day, and no one understands, but your child's therapist does - that you burst into tears (I know I'm not the only one!). I cannot recommend Rhianna highly enough. My children adore her, and she has been amazing for our whole family. If you have ANY concerns about your child's development, have an appointment with Rhianna. Your child will flourish with her therapy. Congratulations on starting your own business Rhianna!"

Tammy Cox

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